Albaik Menu Prices

Albaik Menu Prices

Since the beginning of time, AlBaik Menu suggestion boxes at all of outlets are stuffed with customer’s feedback and suggestions. In taking each suggestion into consideration, they examined and researched and analyzed customer suggestions in Albaik ongoing efforts to improve menus so that they can offer their customers with the best quality food and the most affordable price. The prices for items on the menu will vary based on area and the particular items according to order.

In general, prices on the menus of albaik are affordable and competitive with similar fast food chains. The average price for albaik is about 20-30 Saudi Riyals (equivalent approximately 5 to 8 US dollars) for a meal with an entree and a dessert. You can also find out other international restaurant’s menu prices at UAE Food Menu website.

Albaik Menu list

Albaik provides different beverages that complement its menu of food. Some of the drinks offered on offer at Albaik include:

Soft Drinks

Albaik offers a range of soft beverages, which include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite and Fanta.


Albaik provides different fruit juices such as mango juice, orange juice along with apple juice.

Iced Tea

Albaik’s Iced tea is a must try Tea that is available in different flavors, like peach and lemon.

Hot drinks

If you prefer beverages that are hot, Albaik provides coffee as well as tea which includes the traditional Arabian coffee.


They have milkshakes with many flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

The overall concept of albaik menu prices provides section with a huge range of choices to select from, if you like an icy cold drink, or a hot cup tea or coffee to complete your dinner.

Albaik Burgers

Chickens and Zinger burgers have changed the face of food production.

It’s not wrong to say that chickens and burgers have changed the way we eat. We do not want to go through the probelm of preparing curries and their accompanying dishes, it’s an unnecessary problem. We need our food to be easily consumable and, rightly so. Our busy lifestyle demands less food waste around our tables.

When we think of wraps and burgers, particularly burgers, the brand that pops into our people’s minds would be AL-Baik. Why not? After all, they were the very first to give world an opportunity to try the most popular food item of the millennial generation.

Spicy Chicken and Spicy Chicken Wraps

Spicy Chicken Wrap recently introduced. Making it one of the most delicious burgers and is modified to improve its size and the level of spice. The improved and new Spicy Chicken as well as the Spicy Chicken Wrap keep the element that helped make them so popular initially, the patty that is crispy. Whole wheat wraps are a great complement to the filling and has different advantages to eating whole wheat products. It is much healthier than maida alternatives.

The wraps they offer have their own flavor that is popular in Middle East kitchens, thanks to the variety of spices that create change it taste. They’re hands-down the finest wraps you’ll come across.


Al Baik is a great restaurant for those seeking a tasty and cheap dinner. The chicken fried is unique and delicious, while wraps and sandwiches are prepared with fresh ingredients. Al Baik also offers a assortment of sides and desserts that you can choose from.

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