CR1632 vs CR2032

CR1632 vs CR2032: What’s the Differences?

The round, flat, silver button-shaped CR1632 batteries and DL2032 batteries seem to be the same. Can they all be used universally since they all look the same? As well as showing you their similarities and differences in some areas, this article will also provide you with an explanation of whether they can be Father’s Day Gifts.

What is a CR1632 Battery?


CR1632 batteries are commonly used in a wide variety of electronic devices because of their small size and coin shape. In addition to being coin-shaped and using lithium chemistry, it provides high energy density and long-lasting performance, making it part of the CR series of batteries. A CR battery manufactures a stable voltage output and has a relatively long shelf life thanks to its lithium manganese dioxide chemistry. Do you want the differences of other batteries too? If yes, then check out CR2450 vs CR2032 too.

16 millimeters in diameter and 3.2 millimeters in thickness describe the battery’s dimensions and size. This battery packs strong power despite its compact size, allowing it to be used in applications where space is limited, yet reliable and long-lasting performance is needed.

In addition to remote controls, key fobs, digital watches, calculators, and small medical devices, the CR1632 battery is widely used in a wide variety of electronic devices because it is compact and reliable. Manufacturers and consumers alike choose it because of its compatibility with a wide range of devices. The CR1632 battery ensures smooth operation and extended battery life for everyday gadgets and critical medical equipment.

What is a CR2032 Battery?

CR2032 Battery

Coin-shaped lithium batteries such as the CR2032 are widely used due to their compact size and reliable performance. Battery features high energy density, long lifespan, and coin shape, belonging to the CR series. With the “CR” prefix, you can be assured of stable voltage output and a relatively long shelf life due to the lithium manganese dioxide chemistry used. As a compact battery with a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm, the CR2032 is a versatile choice for various electronic devices due to its high power density. You can also read about CR2 battery vs CR123a

Due to its small size and dependable performance, the CR2032 battery is commonly found in a wide range of electronic devices, including watches, calculators, remote controls, key fobs, medical devices, and small electronic gadgets. Manufacturers and consumers alike favor it for its compatibility with a wide range of devices and its availability on the market. Its consistent performance ensures smooth operation and prolonged battery life, regardless of whether it powers everyday household items or vital medical equipment.

CR1632 vs CR2032: Differences

CR1632 Battery Applications

Compact size and reliable power are essential characteristics of the CR1632 battery, which is found in a wide variety of electronic devices. Here are a few examples:

Watches: Since these batteries have a compact size and a stable voltage output, they are frequently used to power small wristwatches and digital watches.

Calculators: The CR1632 batteries are used in many pocket calculators to ensure reliable performance over extended periods of time.

Remote Controls: For remote control applications, CR1632 batteries are commonly used, as they provide long-lasting power.

Key Fobs: The CR1632 battery is commonly used to power keyless entry systems and transmitters in automobiles.

Small Medical Devices: There are many medical devices that can be powered by CR1632 batteries, including glucose meters, digital thermometers, small electronic health monitors, etc.

Fitness Trackers: To track activities, monitor health metrics, and display information, many fitness trackers and wearable health devices are powered by CR1632 batteries.

Small Electronic Gadgets: Portable power solutions may be incorporated into CR1632 batteries in a variety of electronic gadgets, including digital cameras, handheld gaming devices, and electronic toys.

CR2032 Battery Applications

Since CR2032 batteries are compact and provide a reliable power output, they are widely used in a variety of electronic devices. The following are some examples of common applications:

Watches: Timekeeping functions of wristwatches and digital watches are powered by CR2032 batteries, which provide long-lasting power.

Calculators: The power necessary for calculations and memory functions is provided by CR2032 batteries in most handheld calculators and electronic organizers.

Remote Controls: Televisions, audio equipment, and other electronic devices usually use CR2032 batteries to power their remote controls.

Key Fobs: CR2032 batteries are commonly used to power automobile key fobs and keyless entry systems that allow vehicles to be locked and unlocked remotely.

Computer Motherboards: Computer motherboards’ CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) memories are powered by CR2032 batteries for backup power, preserving system settings and the real-time clock.

Medical Devices: There are a few medical devices that may use CR2032 batteries, such as glucose meters, digital thermometers, and small electronic monitors.

Fitness Trackers and Wearables: For tracking activities, monitoring health metrics, and displaying information, CR2032 batteries are commonly used in fitness trackers, smartwatches, and wearable health devices.

Small Electronic Gadgets: In addition to camera batteries, CR2032 batteries may also be used in portable gaming devices, toys, and novelty items.

CR1632 vs CR2032 Specification Comparison

Nominal Capacity140 mAh225 mAh
Nominal Voltage3V3V
Operating Temperature-30°C – +60°C-30°C – +60°C

CR1632 vs CR2032: Features


Size and Dimensions:

Diameter: 16 millimeters

Thickness: 3.2 millimeters


(CR series) Chemistry of lithium manganese dioxide


Compact size allows for moderate capacity

Power Output:

Small electronic devices can benefit from stable voltage output


Has a long shelf life and provides reliable performance


Compatible with a wide variety of devices requiring CR1632 batteries


Size and Dimensions:

Diameter: 20 millimeters

Thickness: 3.2 millimeters


Lithium manganese dioxide chemistry (CR series)


The larger size of this battery allows it to offer a higher capacity than CR1632

Power Output:

Different electronic devices can be operated with stable voltage output


Has a long shelf life and provides reliable performance


The CR2032 battery can be used in a wide variety of devices that need a CR2032 battery.

Both the CR1632 and CR2032 batteries are part of the CR series and offer reliable power solutions for electronic devices, but their sizes, capacities, and applications vary. User preferences in terms of size and power output determine the choice between these two devices. You can learn more on our website


How are CR1632 and CR2032 batteries commonly used?

Batteries like the CR1632 and CR2032 are used in many electronic devices, such as watches, calculators, remote controls, key fobs, medical devices, fitness trackers, and small electronic gadgets.

How long do CR1632 and CR2032 batteries last?

Depending on the device’s power requirements and usage patterns, these batteries can last for several years. As compared to CR1632 batteries, CR2032 batteries are generally more durable since they have a higher capacity.

Are CR1632 and CR2032 batteries rechargeable?

It is not possible to recharge both CR1632 and CR2032 batteries. There is a risk of leaks, overheating, and other hazards associated with trying to recharge them.

Which battery is better for longer-lasting power?

Because they are larger than CR1632 batteries, CR2032 batteries usually have a higher capacity. In this way, for devices with higher power requirements, CR2032 batteries might provide longer-lasting power.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to size, capacity, and power output, CR1632 and CR2032 batteries can be chosen based on the device’s specifications and the user’s preferences. There are some differences between the size and capacity of these two CR batteries, even though both offer reliable power solutions for electronic devices.

Smaller and thinner than other batteries, the CR1632 is suitable for devices that need low power and limited space. CR2032 batteries, however, are larger and typically offer higher capacities, which make them ideal for devices with high power demands and long usage cycles.

Ultimately, when choosing between CR1632 and CR2032 batteries, users should consider factors such as their device’s size constraints, its power requirements, and how long they want their batteries to last. It is important for users to evaluate these factors so they can make an informed decision regarding their electronic devices’ performance and efficiency. 

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