Mobile Legends, Beginner-Friendly Heroes

For new players, it is difficult to choose one main hero out of the 124 heroes in Mobile Legends, but do not worry, as we bring you the list of the most suitable beginner-friendly heroes, just for you.

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Best Tank for Beginners

Akai, the Panda Warrior

Akai is our choice of tank for beginners. He has some of the best mobility and crowd-control abilities. He is also very durable and deals a lot of damage at the same time, making him perfect for any new player to explore different kinds of playstyles. His ability, Headbutt, can both be used to initiate a fight or escape when needed.

Best Fighter for Beginners

Balmond, the Bloody Best

We picked Balmond as the best fighter player for new players. The reason is pretty simple, his abilities are very easy to understand.

His passive will give you lifesteal; this will regenerate your health whenever you kill a creep or a hero, helping you stay in the lane longer instead of returning to the base for healing.

Best Mage for Beginners

Nana, the Sweet Leonin

Nana is a mage hero who excels at poking and burst damage. She is very easy to play, and her abilities are straight-forward. A supportive play style suits this hero the most.

Her passive ability is what makes her the best beginner friendly mage hero. Nana’s passive ability basically gives her a second life whenever you take fatal damage.

Best Marksman for Beginners

Layla, the Energy Gunner

Layla is our choice of marksman in this guide. She has one of the best range attacks, allowing you to deal massive damage from long range. Her passive allows you to deal more damage to faraway enemies. Moreover, she is very fun to play, unlike other marksmen, and she also has a very powerful ultimate.

Best Assassin for Beginners

Karina, the Shadow Blade

Karina is one of the most played assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. She is the perfect hero for the jungle and excels at dealing massive magic damage. Her passive abilities allow you to deal extra damage on every third attack to heroes with low health; this will allow you to easily secure a kill on the enemies.

If the affected unit is an enemy hero, it will reduce the cooldowns of Karina’s abilities, excluding her ultimate.

Best Support for Beginners

Rafaela, the Wings of Holiness

Finally, we have our choice of support for new players. Rafaela is one of the best support heroes, with abilities that are completely aimed at helping your teammates. She is the perfect option for any beginner in Mobile Legends; she has heal, speed buff, slow, and also AOE damage abilities.

In Mobile Legends, there are no best or perfect heroes. Each hero serves a different purpose and is suitable for different playstyles. However, our recommended heroes should help you get started in the game and eventually find the best hero that suits your playstyle.

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