Wholesale Purchase of Food & Beverages on the B2B Platform – Globy

Wholesale Purchase of Food & Beverages on the B2B Platform – Globy

Food and beverages are in high demand on the Globy marketplace. Today, there are a number of popular positions: coffee, sweets, moringa leaves, gluten-free products, buttery garlic toasts, and various wines. All this can be ordered in bulk, having previously selected a supplier. You need go to the catalog to see the full list of available products.

If you go to the product profile, you can find information about the supplier and the available payment methods. The product details must be specified correctly, and if you find a discrepancy, you can file a complaint with Globy or contact the seller directly. The country of production of the drink is important. For example, if it is indicated that the wine is produced in Spain, then it is not likely to be sold from another country. You can opt out of such a product.

For the convenience of searching, all products are divided into categories. For instance, goods for children, dairy products, drinking water, eggs, beans, coffee, etc. Most likely, you will easily find the right product. However, if this does not happen, then you can contact the support service of the platform and solve this problem.

B2B Marketplaces: Why Are They Needed?

These are specialized sites created so that suppliers can place their products in the catalog, and buyers can find and buy the things, devices, raw materials, and products they need. Today, it has become possible to purchase ready-made products and drinks on the internet in small and large quantities, while you can adjust the price by contacting the seller.

Of course, the expiration date plays an important role, and you should pay primary attention to this. The sooner the deadline expires, the cheaper the product is. You can order a batch of the required volume and find out the approximate cost of delivery using the tool on the Globy website.

Your Ordering of Products on Globy

You should keep in mind that you will not be able to place an order on the B2B marketplace if you are not a legal entity. Individuals cannot enter into a contract, as such platforms are only available to companies. Special online stores are open for retail, which are called B2C.

It is not surprising that retail prices are higher than wholesale ones. That’s why B2B markets have such low costs. If you are interested in a product, such as coffee beans, you should first find out what the minimum batch size is. If everything suits you, you can purchase other products from the selected supplier and order shipment by FLC container, where only your goods will be.

Coffee is grown in Brazil, India, Australia, and also in African countries. When ordering, you should pay attention to where the product is made, as it is best to place an order with the manufacturer. On the Globy website, suppliers indicate in their dossiers whether they produce goods or resell them. If this information is incorrect, then you can contact the support service with a complaint.

Benefits of the Globy Marketplace

The platform works only with reliable suppliers. This is one of its main advantages. You can also act as a seller if you have registered a company in your country. You need to upload your data and wait for confirmation. Next, you ought to issue cards with product descriptions and an indication of characteristics and features. So, the advantages of Globy:

  • a popular website for trading products;
  • simple and convenient operation;
  • useful tools and promotions for beginners;
  • only trusted suppliers;
  • safe cooperation, etc.

Suppliers who have recently registered can count on free promotion at the initial stage. Their products will be advertised on social networks. This will help to get new customers and increase revenue. A prerequisite is the correct design of the cards.

You are encouraged to carefully read the terms of the agreement to know about all the nuances of cooperation. Buyers are also invited to the site. In the catalog, you can find the best prices for food and drinks to date. On the platform, you can resell products purchased here, you can increase the price, and start competing with other suppliers.

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