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Are you randomly mixing up bedroom? Learn why Best vastu consultant in Kolkata forbids this!

In an average Indian household, we have 2 to 4 bedrooms, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. In urban cities however, the number is usually 1-2 and in rural areas, where joint family resides you can find up to 5-6 bedrooms as well. 

People prefer to sleep in their designated spaces unless some family function gathers them all together and then mixing up of sleeping space becomes a common thing. There is no harm in doing so since it is a temporary setup. But you must never interchange bedrooms on impulse. It means assigning parent’s bedroom to children and vice-verse might not be such a great idea. 

In this blog Best vastu consultant in Kolkata explains the nature of each bedroom and will make you understand the harm of interchanging them mindlessly.  

Types of bedrooms and their associated guidelines!

As per vastu guidelines each bedroom has its unique vastu and thus its occupants need to be carefully allocated. 

Now to make things crystal clear, let’s separate the bedroom type. And with each distinction we will learn of its associated guidelines. We will share what zones are considered good for them in general and which zones are best left unused for each type. 

  1. Master bedroom– the head of the family and his wife should sleep in this bedroom. They should seek stability and good relationship tie ups from their bedroom vastu because they take care for everyone else in the family, be it the aging parents/in-laws or the children. The most suitable zone for the master bedroom is the south west which offer both these attributes. But they can also sleep in the west, east, south, north bedrooms, as none of them causes any trouble for them. 
  2. Newlywed couple’s bedroom- when husband and wife tie the bind of holy matrimonial they have a lifetime ahead to spend together. For them Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends two zones mainly; the north of north west zone (which represents sex and attraction) and east of north east zone (which represents fun and recreation). 

For obvious reasons, by sleeping in the NNW zone offers them good intimate bonds, while sleeping in the ENE zone brings them closer pursuing hobbies etc. These things can act as building block for a long-lasting marriage. They can also sleep in any of the zones suggested for master bedroom. They newly married couples should never sleep in the north east zone as it can bring conception related problems. 

  1. Student’s/Children’s bedroom– young children and students should sleep in the west of south west zone as it represents education and savings in vastu. Sleeping in the north, north east and south of south east zones can be beneficial for their academics as well. You must not place the children’s bedroom in the zones of NNW, ENE or South. Sleeping in these zones can draw their mind towards adult activities, fun & recreation; and relaxation respectively. Needless to say, none of these is helpful for their academic and overall growth. 
  2. Grown up unmarried children’s bedroom- if the grown up, unmarried children stay in the same home, then their bedroom vastu needs is slightly different than small children’s vastu. the best zone for their sleeping can be west, east, north and west of south west, as they each contributes towards their career growth. In addition, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits sleeping in south, NNW and ENE zones as well, if they are already engaged in jobs. 

If you are seeking timely marriage for your unmarried son or daughter then sleeping in the NNW zone can be helpful as it motivates them to settle down on the right time, without unwanted delay.  

  1. Guest room- Indian culture portrays guests as gods and thus it is considered customary to make a separate guest room if you can space some space for it in the vastu. The north west is considered as best for guest bedroom as it boosts the bond between the guests and the host and it makes them feel content with the hospitality offered by the host family. In addition, several other zones can be considered for it. in fact, zones like west of north west, north of north east, east of south east and south of south west; which are considered bad for bedroom in general are permitted for guests. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata confirms that none of them causes any severe harm for guests as their stay is comparatively short. 
  2. Servant’s bedroom- in those families where a house help stays with them only, an additional bedroom can be found. You can place the servant room in several corners of the house. It boosts their skills and commitment to work and family. There are few exceptions as well for instance north, north or north east and west etc which might bring some problem for the host family or the health of the servant. 
  3. Elderly parent’s or in-laws bedroom– if aged parents stays in the family, their bedroom can be placed in pretty much any zone of the home like that of the master bedroom, or children’s bedroom even though it is not as fruitful to them. In addition, the north east zonal bedroom can also be allocated for elderly parents or in-laws. This placement in general causes problem in conception of child, which is not a concern for aged people.  

As you can see, even if all the bedroom has bed and other similar setup, you should not mix up bedrooms on impulse. You should stick to the one that has been guided for your use as per Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. Only then can get its full benefit. In case you need to make a reshuffle, then make sure to consult a vastuvid first to be on the safe side. 

To know more about the bedroom vastu in full details, you should contact the expert vastuvid of Vaastu Mangaal. Being a leading vastu agency in the country we offer the top notch Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for all your need.Description- In this blog Best vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals why mixing up the bedrooms is never a good idea and you should refrain from it at all costs.

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