Baffles de plafond acoustiques: Enhancing Acoustic Harmony in Every Space

In the symphony of architectural design, where form meets function, the term “Baffles de plafond acoustiques” takes center stage. These acoustic baffles are not just an effective and affordable ceiling treatment; they are a transformative addition to any space, enhancing speech intelligibility and sound clarity. This article delves into the realm of acoustic ceiling baffles, exploring their benefits, characteristics, and the innovative solutions offered by

A Vertical Approach to Sound Enhancement

Acoustic baffles serve as a versatile and cost-effective solution for treating ceilings, particularly in spaces where wall space is limited or materials must be out of reach. By hanging vertically, these baffles expose both sides to sound, maximizing surface area and, consequently, their ability to reduce reverberation.

Alpha Deflector: Unveiling the Excellence in Acoustic Innovation

  • Sustainable Composition: The ALPHA series, available in 12 and 24mm options, is crafted from PET fiber sourced from recycled bottles. This sustainable choice offers flexibility in design and customization, aligning with modern workspace dynamics.
  • Polyester Acoustic Baffles – Straight 12/24mm: The straight design of these baffles adds a touch of elegance, with polyester material providing an optimal balance between acoustic performance and rigidity.
  • Vertex Deflector – 12mm Angular Acoustic Baffle: A unique angular design introduces variety and depth to acoustic solutions, demonstrating the adaptability of baffles to diverse architectural preferences.
  • Chevron – Suspended Sound Absorber: Exploring the creative realm, the Chevron baffles bring a unique aesthetic touch to interiors while efficiently absorbing sound in open plan workspaces, meeting rooms, and more.
  • Ambiance Deflector 40mm: Based on glass wool ringed and covered with fabric, the Ambiance deflector adds depth and texture to acoustic treatments, contributing to both functionality and design.

Why Ceiling Deflectors Matter: Unlocking the Benefits

Ceiling acoustic baffles play a pivotal role in ensuring sound clarity and speech intelligibility within a space. The benefits of incorporating these baffles into a design are manifold:

  • Reduced Echo and Reverberation: By treating ceilings, acoustic baffles significantly decrease unwanted background noise and listener fatigue, creating a more comfortable auditory environment.
  • Design Element: Acoustic ceiling baffles can be more than just functional; they can be a striking design element, adding a unique aesthetic touch to any space.
  • Material Choice for Optimal Sound Absorption: manufactures baffles using acoustic melamine foam and recycled polyester core materials, ensuring the best sound absorption.
  • Fabric Finish Options: Offering fabric finish options for design versatility and solid colors for durability, these baffles are tailored to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • Easy Installation with Specially Designed Brackets: The inclusion of a specially designed suspension bracket makes it effortless to hang acoustic baffles from the ceiling, ensuring a seamless integration into the design.

Acoustic Baffles for Ceilings – Main Characteristics presents a practical range of acoustic panels for ceilings, each with unique characteristics tailored to different design preferences and functional needs.

  • Echo Fabric Wrapped Wave Baffle:
    • Unique Class A acoustic ceiling baffle.
    • Features an MTech foam core and a Blazer Lite fabric finish.
    • Hung at a regular distance of 300mm for maximum sound absorption.
    • Wave design increases surface absorption and eliminates unwanted echo energy.
    • Lightweight and easy to install despite its large size.
  • Alpha Acoustic Ceilings:
    • Straight or wavy shapes for design flexibility.
    • Acoustically effective and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Easy to install, making them suitable for various environments.
    • Available in different sizes of 12mm and 24mm, offering excellent acoustic performance and design.
    • A choice of 18 solid colors for infinite configurations.
  • Suspended Sound Absorbers:
    • Pangolin, Lattice, Lotus, Zone, and Chevron baffles, each ideal for specific spaces.
    • Efficient sound absorption and a creative touch to interiors.
    • High-performance solutions for open plan workspaces, meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and restaurants.

Brand Spotlight: ALPHA Panels – A Sustainable Choice

The ALPHA series stands out as a sustainable choice, showcasing the commitment of to environmental responsibility.

  • Sustainable Composition:
    • Comprising 65% post-consumer recycled fiber.
    • 100% recyclable, emphasizing a closed-loop system.
  • Source of Recycled PET Fibers:
    • Mainly obtained from bottles and other PET products.
  • Flame-Retardant and Oil-Free:
    • Utilizes flame-retardant, oil-free PET fibers, ensuring safety and environmental consciousness.
  • Versatility in Color and Thickness:
    • Available in 20 colors and thickness options of 12/24mm.
    • Provides a versatile palette for designers to create acoustically sound and visually appealing spaces.

Polyester Acoustic Baffles – Straight 12/24mm: Elevating Form and Function

The straight design of these baffles, available in different sizes, brings together aesthetics and functionality.

  • Size and Design Options:
    • 1200mm x 200mm x 12mm/24mm
    • 1200mm x 300mm x 12mm/24mm
    • 2400mm x 200mm x 12mm / 24mm
    • 2400mm x 300mm x 12mm / 24mm
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Versatile installation options.
    • 18 color choices for customization.
    • High-performance acoustic absorber.
    • Low maintenance and durable, ensuring years of excellent performance.
    • Ideal for offices, hotels, conference facilities, educational buildings, and commercial reception areas.
  • Recommended Fixings:
    • Direct fixing option with TechRail for 12mm and 24mm.
    • Suspension options with TechRail and 2 Rail Suspension Brackets or 2 Helix Suspension Brackets for added flexibility.

Conclusion: Weaving Acoustic Excellence into Every Space

As we unravel the intricacies of Baffles de plafond acoustiques, it becomes evident that these acoustic solutions are not just about reducing noise; they are about enhancing the very essence of a space. From sustainable compositions to innovative designs, crafts solutions that bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics.

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