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XtrixTV Review: Best IPTV Subscription in UK with Catch Up TV

In the ever-evolving world of digital entertainment, finding the best IPTV subscription in UK can be a daunting task. With a multitude of options available, one service that stands out is XtrixTV, renowned for its exceptional Catch Up TV feature. This review delves into why XtrixTV is hailed as the best IPTV subscription in UK, offering a blend of convenience, quality, and a vast array of content that caters to diverse viewing preferences. As we explore the nuances of this service, particularly its acclaimed Catch Up TV functionality, it becomes clear why XtrixTV is a top choice for IPTV subscribers in the UK.

What is Catch Up TV

Catch Up TV is a feature increasingly common in modern IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services, and it represents a significant shift from traditional television viewing habits. This section aims to explore what Catch Up TV is, its benefits for viewers, and how it contrasts with conventional TV experiences.

Defining Catch Up TV

  • Concept: Catch Up TV allows viewers to watch TV shows and programs that have been broadcast in the past. Unlike live TV, where you need to tune in at a specific time, Catch Up TV lets you view content at your convenience.
  • Time Window: Most services offer a window (e.g., 7 days, 30 days) post-broadcast during which you can ‘catch up’ on missed content.

Benefits of Catch Up TV

  1. Flexibility and Convenience: The primary advantage is the flexibility it offers. Viewers no longer have to plan their schedules around TV program timings.
  2. Enhanced Accessibility: It caters to varied viewer schedules, making it ideal for those who may not be able to watch their favorite shows when they are first aired.
  3. Binge-Watching: Enables binge-watching of series, as multiple episodes might be available at once.

Comparison with Traditional TV

  1. Scheduled vs. On-Demand: Traditional TV follows a strict schedule, while Catch Up TV is more user-centric, offering content on demand.
  2. Viewer Control: Catch Up TV puts control in the hands of the viewer, allowing for pause, rewind, and re-watch functionalities, which traditional TV typically lacks.
  3. Content Discovery: It often leads to greater content discovery, as viewers might stumble upon shows they wouldn’t normally watch in a scheduled format.

In the context of XtrixTV, the Catch Up TV feature transforms how subscribers interact with television content. This section sets the stage for a deeper dive into how XtrixTV leverages this technology to enhance user experience, offering a modern, viewer-focused approach to television.

What is XtrixTV?

XtrixTV is an IPTV subscription service that offers a diverse range of streaming options, including movies, TV shows, and live channels. This service is known for its fast, buffer-free viewing experience, facilitated through a dedicated Android app and IPTV activation code. XtrixTV’s APK is compatible with a variety of devices, including Android smartphones and Firestick, ensuring easy installation and user-friendly operation.

In addition to these features, XtrixTV stands out for its high-quality streaming resolution, anti-freeze technology, and round-the-clock customer support. It also offers an IPTV free trial, enhanced functionalities like Electronic Program Guides (EPG), favorites management, Catch Up TV, and IPTV recording, adding to its appeal as a comprehensive IPTV service.

Among its key features, XtrixTV provides access to over 1,000 TV channels across different categories, including major sports packages, pay-per-view events, news, entertainment, and adult channels with password protection and parental controls. Starting at $19.99 per month, the basic package includes a single connection with options for 3000+ video-on-demand (VOD) for movies and TV shows.

XtrixTV’s Catch Up TV Feature

XtrixTV Plus, an advanced version of XtrixTV, boasts a standout feature that is particularly beneficial for sports enthusiasts and television aficionados: the Catch Up TV functionality. This feature enables users to view an array of exciting content from live channels, with a generous window of seven days. This means that if you miss a live broadcast, you have a full week to catch up on what you missed at your convenience.

The true appeal of this feature lies in its extensive channel coverage. XtrixTV Plus includes popular channels as well as an impressive selection of over 200 valuable sports channels. This extensive range ensures that sports fans don’t miss out on important matches, games, or sports news. Likewise, TV enthusiasts have the freedom to revisit their favorite shows or discover new ones within the week of their original airing.

Overall, the Catch Up TV feature of XtrixTV Plus offers a significant advantage by providing flexibility in viewing schedules, which is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Whether it’s catching the latest football match or binge-watching a popular series, XtrixTV Plus caters to a wide range of interests, making it a practical choice for a diverse audience.

How Catch Up TV Works on XtrixTV

Using Catch Up TV on XtrixTV is a straightforward and user-friendly process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Accessing the Service

First, open the XtrixTV app that you’ve installed on your device. Once inside the main interface, click on the “Live” section. This is where you’ll find all the live channels that XtrixTV offers.

Step 2: Selecting Your Channel

Next, open the channel list, often referred to as the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). In this list, channels that offer Catch Up TV are easily identifiable by a distinct recording icon displayed next to them. This icon is a quick indicator of which channels have content available for the past seven days. Simply scroll through the list to find a channel that interests you.

Step 3: Choosing Your Program

After selecting a channel with the Catch Up feature (indicated by the VCR icon), you can browse through programs from any time within the past seven days. This feature is especially useful for catching up on significant sports events or beloved TV series that you might have missed. To select a program, navigate to the specific date and time slot of the show you want to watch.

Step 4: Watching Your Chosen Content

Once you’ve found your desired program, click on “Play” in the pop-up interface. This action will start streaming the content, allowing you to enjoy your chosen show or event.

The beauty of the Catch Up TV feature on XtrixTV is in its flexibility. You’re not bound by the constraints of fixed broadcast schedules, and you can manage your viewing experience as you please. This includes the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward through the content. Furthermore, the service is highly accessible, compatible with various Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and Firesticks, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite shows on the device of your choice.

Catch Up TV Channels List

XtrixTV IPTV Channels List

Quality of Streaming and Performance

As a reviewer exploring XtrixTV’s streaming quality and performance, I found the experience to be exceptionally positive. The platform’s Electronic Program Guide (EPG) feature, which categorizes live channels by country and further divides each channel into specific playback dates and time slots, significantly enhances the ease of finding and selecting Catch Up TV content. This user-friendly interface allows for straightforward navigation, and viewers can conveniently fast-forward or rewind to align with their interests.

During my trial of the Catch Up feature, the channel quality was notably high-definition, offering a crisp and clear viewing experience. Impressively, there were minimal buffering issues and no instances of freezing, contributing to an uninterrupted and smooth streaming experience. This performance speaks highly of XtrixTV’s server capabilities and perhaps underscores their decision to provide IPTV services through a dedicated Android APK rather than through M3U links. This approach seems to ensure a more personalized and stable streaming experience for the user, free from the common pitfalls of shared streaming services.

Other Premium features

While XtrixTV enhances the user experience with its Catch Up TV feature, it also boasts several additional attractive functionalities that further elevate its appeal.

VOD movies, TV series & Sports

When live channels become monotonous, turning to Video On Demand (VOD) is an excellent alternative. XtrixTV offers an extensive library of over 3000 VOD movies and TV series, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. For sports enthusiasts, XtrixTV Plus steps up the game by including on-demand sports events, featuring popular sports like boxing and football. This diverse collection ensures that viewers can enjoy their favorite content, whether it’s the latest blockbuster, a binge-worthy TV series, or thrilling sports matches, all at their leisure.

IPTV Recording

The IPTV Recording feature of XtrixTV is a boon for those times when your favorite programs are broadcast during your busy hours. This convenient function allows you to schedule recordings of live shows in advance. Once set up, the program will be recorded to XtrixTV’s cloud server automatically, even when you’re not actively watching. This ensures that you won’t miss any of your preferred shows, and you can watch them at your own convenience once the recording is complete.

Electronic Program Guide

XtrixTV IPTV stands out with its three unique Electronic Program Guide (EPG) formats: Normal EPG, Classical EPG, and Grid EPG. This diversity is particularly beneficial for users with different preferences in browsing and viewing program schedules. The flexibility in choosing among these EPG styles allows users to tailor their viewing experience according to their personal preferences, making it easier and more enjoyable to find and track their favorite programs.

The Grid EPG, in particular, offers a more intuitive, grid-like representation of the program schedule. This format is especially helpful for those who want a more comprehensive overview of what’s on. It simplifies the process of navigating through a wide array of channels and programs, providing a clear and organized view that enhances the overall user experience with XtrixTV.

Favorites Manager

The Favorites Manager (FAV) feature in XtrixTV IPTV is all about convenience and personalization. It allows you to quickly mark your most-watched channels or programs as favorites, saving you the time it takes to navigate through an extensive library. This feature goes beyond simply adding channels to your favorites list; XtrixTV IPTV also enables you to categorize and rename these lists.

This means you can organize your favorite content in a way that makes the most sense to you—whether that’s by genre, language, or any other preference. This personalized approach to content management enhances the user experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to access your preferred channels and shows on XtrixTV.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

XtrixTV provides a range of adaptable IPTV subscription plans, designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of different users. Whether you’re looking for a basic package for casual viewing or a more comprehensive plan that includes additional features like advanced sports coverage and extended recording capabilities, XtrixTV has options to fit various requirements. This flexibility ensures that every user, from the casual TV watcher to the avid sports fan, can find a plan that aligns perfectly with their viewing habits and budget.

XtrixTV Standard IPTV

XtrixTV Standard IPTV Features:

  1. Live TV Channels: Over 1000 channels across various genres.
  2. VOD Library: More than 3000 movies and TV series.
  3. PPV Events: Access to Pay-Per-View special entertainment.
  4. Electronic Program Guide (EPG): Facilitates channel browsing.
  5. Favorite Channels (FAV): Enables quick access to preferred content.
  6. Customer Service: 24/7 support available.
  7. Device Support: Compatible with one device connection.

XtrixTV Plus IPTV

XtrixTV Plus IPTV Features:

  1. Live TV Channels: Over 1000 channels available.
  2. VOD Library: More than 3000 movies and TV series.
  3. PPV Options: Access to Pay-Per-View special events.
  4. Electronic Program Guide (EPG): Easy channel navigation.
  5. Favorite Channels (FAV): Quick access to preferred channels.
  6. Catch-Up: 7-days Catch-Up for missed programs.
  7. Cloud PVR Storage: Store up to 20GB of content.
  8. Customer Service: 24/7 support for assistance.
  9. Device Compatibility: Supports one device connection.

XtrixTV Sub-Device IPTV

XtrixTV Sub-Device IPTV Features:

  1. Content Matching: Live & VOD content identical to the Master Device.
  2. Device Support: Limited to one device per subscription.
  3. Binding Capacity: Up to three Sub-Devices can be bound to a Master Device.

This is the price at the time of writing this review (for the latest prices, please visit https://xtrixtviptv.net/ )


In conclusion, for anyone seeking the best IPTV subscription in UK, XtrixTV IPTV emerges as a top contender. Its combination of competitive pricing, wide device compatibility, and an extensive range of channels and on-demand content make it a strong choice in the IPTV service market.

Particularly noteworthy is its Catch Up TV feature, which sets it apart from many competitors, offering viewers the flexibility to watch their favorite programs at their convenience. The stability and quality of streaming, along with advanced functionalities like cloud PVR storage and 24/7 customer support, further enhance its appeal. Whether for a casual viewer or a dedicated TV enthusiast, XtrixTV’s IPTV subscription UK is certainly worth trying for those who desire a comprehensive and satisfying viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legality of IPTV services can vary based on their content source and the laws in your country. XtrixTV itself does not carry any virus programs, but it’s always recommended to use a VPN for online privacy and security, especially when using services whose legality is uncertain. Additionally, you should check the local laws and regulations in your area regarding the use of such services.

Does XtrixTV offer an IPTV free trial?

Yes, XtrixTV offers an 3-day IPTV free trial for users to test their service before committing to a subscription.

What devices are compatible with XtrixTV?

XtrixTV is compatible with various Android devices, including Android smartphones, Android smart TVs, Android boxes, and Firestick devices.

What’s the difference between XtrixTV and XtrixTV Plus?

The main difference between XtrixTV and XtrixTV Plus lies in the advanced features offered by XtrixTV Plus. While both services include over 1000 live channels and 3000+ VOD content, along with EPG and FAV functionalities, XtrixTV Plus provides more sophisticated Catch Up TV and IPTV recording features. Additionally, XtrixTV Plus offers valuable sports content, making it a preferable choice for dedicated sports fans and TV enthusiasts who seek a high-quality IPTV subscription service.

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