Fan Engagement Through Fantasy Cricket: What the stats say

The modern world changes everything, and sports are no exception. Cricket is a very ancient and revered game in many parts of the world. Since its inception, it has been constantly changing and now only the size of the playing field remains from the original rules. The changes make cricket more dynamic and attractive to new fans. 

However, changing the rules is not the only way to attract a new audience. Today we will talk about fantasy cricket, understand what it is, and why it is needed. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

What is fantasy cricket?

Overall, fantasy sports are interactive online games where participants form virtual teams consisting of real players from a professional sport. Based on the statistical performance of players in real games, these virtual teams compete against themselves. This performance is then converted into points which are tabled and accumulated based on the chosen roster by each supervisor of every fantasy team. There are these point systems that range from simple to complicated and differ across the various sports.

In fantasy sports, individuals act like managers or owners of their teams in the sense that they decide which players to put on drafts and do trades as well. They can participate in leagues, which are usually hosted by websites or apps where they play against friends or other fans of fantasy sports.

Fantasy cricket is similar to the above but it operates based on some specific idiosyncrasies and rules of Cricket. Participants choose a team of real cricket players who earn fantasy points according to their performances in the games for real cricket. This can encompass runs scored, wickets taken, catches made, and so on.

In fantasy cricket, the available formats are T20 or One Day International (ODI) day test matches bringing their own strategies and choice of players. For instance, a player could be an outstanding performer in T20 matches but not necessarily when playing Test cricket.

Participants will have to keep tabs on the current player performances, injuries, and other such factors that can influence their performance in fantasy teams. Usually, success in fantasy cricket has to rely on having knowledge about the game of cricket and players’ current form apart from plain luck.

Fantasy sports such as fantasy cricket have gained a lot of popularity in that this provides sports lovers another channel to participate more vividly in their favorite game. By improving their knowledge of the game fans are becoming more interested in betting as well. 1xbet live cricket match watching is becoming more popular every day.

Play and engage

Let’s talk about how fantasy sports help engage fans in the game:

  • Participants in fantasy cricket need to know the intricacies of gameplay and the characteristics of the players involved. This encourages fans to explore details like player form, weather conditions, and pitch characteristics.
  • In fantasy cricket, audiences form communities where they can talk about tactics, give advice, and design teams. This promotes friendships among fans.
  • Fantasy players are more interested in matches with their preferred players. This can boost the number of viewers for broadcasts and people coming to watch matches.
  • Fantasy cricket brings some competition into the picture as fans can play against each other in leagues. This improves participation throughout the season.

Statistically, fantasy sports have shown great levels of growth. For example: in India, which is one of the biggest markets for fantasy cricket, there was a massive rise in users playing on these programs from 2 million in platforms such as Dream11 India have skyrocketed to become the biggest globally, measured by user base.

The above figures show that fantasy cricket not only enhances the involvement of loyal fans but also attracts new interest, thus promoting a crowd line-up for more and more cricket lovers.

While cricket has already become almost a religion in India, there are other sports gaining popularity there. 1xbet Pro Kabaddi betting online and fantasy Kabaddi are also expanding the player and fan base, with bookmakers offering nice odds on this unusual sport.


I hope you found it interesting and now know more about fantasy sports. Join the global community of fantasy cricket players, or are you closer to Kabaddi? Anyway, we wish you an enjoyable game! 

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