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Which Restaurants Near Me Halal Food Certified In California, Michigan, Texas

Are you looking for the best halal certified restaurant near your place? It is tough but not impossible. We have found different restaurants with halal certified labels on their door, but it is not necessary that all of them are halal certified. Therefore, it is necessary first to know whether the one you choose is halal certified and provides quality food. 

But the happy news is on its way for the people of California, Michigan, and Texas as we can help to find certified halal restaurants near you in these locations. Let’s find out the best option for you to enjoy Halal Chicken food. 

Halal food certified

Before we review the best halal certified option for you in California, Michigan, and Texas, it is important to know what halal certification is and why it is necessary. Halal food certification means restaurants that work according to Islamic dietary laws and keep in mind all the necessary rules set by ALLAH while preparing food. 

It includes many things, especially the way of slaughtering an animal used in the restaurant food. It is important because it gives surety to Muslims that the food is prepared just according to their needs and they will enjoy it. Everything should be according to Islam, from breeding to feeding animals, slaughtering to draining blood, and cleaning and cooking it with halal ingredients. 

Apart from the halal food certificate, the answer to the question of why everyone must choose halal food is very important. The biggest reason is it more healthy, delicious, and flavorful than other food. The way the animal is bred and fed, it is healthy and free from chemicals, artificial feeding, and bacteria, which not only make it delicious but also healthy and more nutritious. Therefore, it is necessary to have halal options in your diet and choose halal certified restaurants.

Crimson Coward

For those who are looking for halal certified restaurants, their search is over as we find one of the best halal certified restaurants named Crimson Coward. Food available at Crimson Coward is fresh, delectable, and halal certified. The best part is that they are serving the residents of California, Michigan, and Texas, and soon they will start their delicious servicing in Virginia and Maryland in 2023. 

They prepare all food according to Islamic dietary laws and keep in mind the health of their guest as well. Chicken used in their food is all-natural, non-Gmo, and free from hormones and antibiotics that make it more flavorful and tasty to eat. 

Nashville Hot Chicken is their specialty as they serve one of the town’s best and most unique hot chicken. It is one of the most flavorful treats a spice lover can expect. With a perfect blend of 16 primary and 32 secondary spices, the hot chicken pieces will be your favorite once you try them in a Crimson Coward. 

Those who are not much spice lovers can get another tasty option known as the Crimson sandwich; it is the ultimate satisfaction of taste to your tongue with its unique crimson sauce, homemade slaw, and pickle with hot chicken pieces. All these three ingredients on an artisan brioche bun satisfy your hunger cravings and are a healthy option with lots of nutrients as well.

You also have other halal certified options, including Fried Chicken, chicken tenders, combos, salads, joy eat fries, chicken waffles, and different types of sides. You can try it at home by ordering online, and the place is also very comfortable and organized, so you will surprise your family by visiting the restaurant with the best food options. Also, take your favorite halal beverages with your food order and enjoy the meal as Crimson Coward serves their guest the best halal certified food. 


I hope your question gets the answer of, which restaurant serves the best halal certified food in California, Michigan, and Texas. So, if you want to enjoy the most delectable halal food near you, Crimson Coward is the most recommended option you should choose because they not only care about your needs and demand but also care about your health as well. 

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