Park View City Islamabad Block List 2023

Park View City Islamabad Block List 2023


One of the newest residential developments in Islamabad, Park View City Islamabad is part of a larger plan to revamp the entire metropolis. Islamabad’s property investors will find the development to be enticing and cutting-edge. The building’s state-of-the-art features won high marks from industry professionals. Some investors have already reserved land on the Park View City Block List, which reveals which blocks are still available for reservations. The developers of this complex are guaranteeing that all of the units will be offered at reasonable prices.


Spot on the Location Map

Whether or not a housing development is in a desirable location indicates whether or not its residents would have easy access to amenities and other parts of the city. The proprietors have now released a location map indicating that it may be found on Malot Road in the center of Zone IV. Bahria Enclave and Chak Shahzad would be within easy driving distance. The intriguing aspect of this project’s location is its proximity to a number of well-known dining establishments, including the Islamabad Club and the Serena Hotel. As with the Serena Hotel, all of the buildings on the Park View City Block List would be situated close to the verdant hills of Bani Gala.

Block List of Park View City

The overall worth of the development is boosted by the variety of residential blocks included in it. The residential buildings in Park View City are a major selling point for the area. This page contains a list of buildings in Park View City that are both strategically significant and financially beneficial. It consists of a number of building components that boost the project’s value.

Block A and B

The construction of the blocks is the first step in this home project because they will serve as the primary entryway. These two buildings might be found close to the massive entrance way off of Malot Road. The land in these sections could be auctioned off soon after the work is done.

Block F

The fantastic placement of this building means that its residents will have a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills. The investors could get access to homes at affordable prices.

Block H and J

In these tower blocks, residents would have access to a wide variety of amenities designed to improve their quality of life. Plot sizes in both of these developments would be between 5 and 10 Marla. In most cases, investors would buy a residence on one of these lots solely for their own use. Investors might buy land and then decide whether to build homes or a school.

Overseas Block

The Park View City developers will shortly begin renovating this area. As per the specifications, the homes in this development would be of the highest international quality. This apartment tower was designed with foreign buyers in mind. Therefore, the building’s proprietors are ensuring that the tenants enjoy a high standard of living. Compared to the rest of the Park View City Block List, it has extremely high demand.


In conclusion, the real estate investor would be wise to investigate the Park View City Block List. In addition, they would enjoy a life of opulence thanks to housing that meets international benchmarks. Some of the lots can be reserved right now, while the rest of the buildings can be reserved in the following months. The payment schedule for this development has been made public, and the prices listed for the available plots are reasonable. At our company, we have experts who work one-on-one with property investors to help them make an informed choice.

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